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So I joined Yado Inn translation group. But don’t worry. The translation for OP Waifus and Harem are still on the track. You can access them at the Yado Inn . The release will be decided later on. Pls check them out. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Skills c2

Residual thought.

It often appears in games and anime, the fragment of thought that remained in this world.

Yeah, that’s the way of it but it’s not peculiar at all.
This is a fantasy world.

It can’t be help since it’s practically exist.
I’ve to accept it.

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Skills c1

Ep1 : Hated by the another world king ,liked by the ghost

On the way to school, an accident happened to the bus that I on board and immediately my field of vision went blank. All the passengers were summoned to the another world.

In the bright throne room, there are a king and a magician wearing a robe said.

People who received guidance.」

「This world has being invaded by the demon lord.」

「That’s why people like you are being summoned.」

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